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Premiere production:

The Sculpture Garden opens November 9th and plays until the 17th at The Laguna Hall in a production by The Valley Artistsan exciting and successful community theatre group in the Hunter Valley. The Director is Bob Philippe. Here’s the brave cast  & crew attending the first read-through under what looks like very cold circumstances!…

The Sculpture Garden first read-through. Photo from Valley Artists Facebook page.

The beautifully evocative poster for the upcoming Valley Artists production of The Sculpture Garden is based on a painting by Janine Oliver, who took her inspiration from events & settings in the play. It is so exciting to have a small community company take a punt on a new Aussie play.

From a painting by Janine Oliver

Brief synopsis of The Sculpture Garden: An estranged couple are brought together again by the arrival of a stranger from overseas and the devastating actions of one of the characters.The play teases the past into the present as secrets are revealed and lost things found. 

Valley Artists are doing exceptional work. Why not combine  a weekend of wine tasting in the Hunter with some theatre? Here’s a good website to start your journey with, and here’s the website for the Visitor’s Centre.

Recent Work:

Two one-act plays. ‘Norm’, a two-hander on a single set, 2 M, and a companion play ‘Norma’, a two-hander on a single set, 2 F. Running time for each is approx 15-20 mins. These plays are available now, either separately or together.

Front page of original NORM manuscript

I also have monologues for both M & F actors. ‘Norm’, ‘Norma’ and one of the monologues were presented as readings at The Genesian Theatre in Sydney in December 2017, directed by John Grinston.

Programme page from Genesian rehearsed readings Dec 2017


I have another one-act play titled ‘Lost/Found’. 2 F/2 M (5 characters with one double). Running time approx. 45 mins. It is a synthesis of scenes from The Sculpture Garden, suitable for those who may want to present the themes of that play in a shorter form.

Past Work:

Across The Water was produced in November 2013 by The Valley Artists. The Secret House was produced in October/November 2013 at The National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne. See below for the history of those plays.

The extraordinary Bob Philippe in the World Premiere production of ‘Across The Water’

The plays Across The WaterThe Secret House and Half Safe are available for purchase through The Australian Script Centre and australianplays.org and amateur rights for those plays can now be secured there as well. Enquiries re The Sculpture Garden, Norm, Norma, Lost/Found, Photographs and any monologues or other writing can be addressed through BMEG or through the Contact page.

Early Griffin logo

Early Griffin logo

The Secret House: First produced by The Griffin Theatre Company at The Stables Theatre in 1987, this play marked the directorial debut of Michael Gow, who was also an extraordinary dramaturge for the project. Subsequent productions at The Hole In The Wall Theatre Perth and Playbox Theatre Melbourne as well as amateur and student productions. 2 M / 2 F. The play is available from The Australian Script Centre and australianplays.org.

Pat Thompson, David Franklin, Bob Hornery and Susan Leith in The Secret House at Griffin

Pat Thompson, David Franklin, Bob Hornery and Susan Leith in The Secret House at Griffin

“…a humorous, fascinating yet horrific study of a family; …tunes the humour and the horror so that both empathy and revulsion are pitched against each other in fine tension.” Angela Bennie. The Australian

“…a ripper, full of passion and anger and sorrowful humour.” Bob Evans. The Sydney Morning Herald

 “…a wonderful play, a play of great sensitivity and a most poignant piece of theatre.” Susan Bredow. The Daily Telegraph


RTC sign

Early RTC sign

Half Safe: Originally commissioned by The Griffin Theatre Company in Sydney and first produced in 1990 in a co-production with the Riverina Theatre Company, a company I was a founding member of. Des James directed and the production toured the Riverina before playing at The Stables Theatre in Sydney. Half Safe is a discrete companion play to The Secret House.  2 M / voices off. The play is available from The Australian Script Centre and australianplays.org

Poster for the Griffin season of Half Safe

Ron Graham and David Nettheim in Des James’ production of Half Safe

Half Safe poster

Poster for RTC production of Half Safe









“The play’s structure is beautifully controlled…Hodda’s achievement as playwright is profound. …I recommend this play unreservedly.” Adrian Wintle. The Daily Advertiser.

“…hilarious, terrifying and moving. …a rare blend of the laconic vernacular…with a disturbing resonance of the absurd in Pinter.” David Gilbey. The Leader.

“Hodda constructs an often haunting filigree of thoughts and hints and guesses which reach to the very heart of being human.” Brian Hoad. The Bulletin.

Photographs: Commissioned for and performed by the graduating performance students at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga under the direction of Ray Goodlass. This play was later revised for the Griffin Theatre Playreading Network and with new scenes and associated re-writes it was presented as a smaller cast version in a rehearsed reading. David Lynch directed and the reading had a stellar cast including David Wenham, Sancia Robinson and Karen Vickery.

The two versions of Photographs (larger cast: 9 F / 4 M {adjustable} and sundry characters played by company; smaller cast: 6 F / 2 M) are most suitable for production by student ensembles or community groups. Enquiries can be directed through BMEG at the contacts above.

Poster for Charles Sturt Uni production of ‘Photographs’

Later: I used the premise and some of the material of Photographs for a new play titled Later which was workshopped in 2003 at the Rex Cramphorn Studio at Sydney Uni under the direction of Des James before then being chosen to be workshopped in 2004 at the Banff playRites Colony in Canada.

Across The Water: A group of actors in Sydney became enthusiastic about Later and proposed a production at The Darlinghurst Theatre. At their behest and encouragement I rewrote it, changing the time period and the approach to the characters and so with new scenes, cuts and re-writes it was re-born with a new title, Across The Water. The mooted production never eventuated.

Drayton Morley at Parnassus’ Den eventually offered to present the play as one of their featured monthly rehearsed readings and with some further quick dramaturgy, new scenes and other re-writes it was presented to the Parnassus’ Den audience to great acclaim.

ATW posterThe play had its premiere production in November 2013 at The Valley Artists under the direction of Bob Philippe. A newspaper article about the production can be found here. I have made some more minor adjustments to the script as a result of that production. 3 M / 2 F. The pre-production version of the play is available from The Australian Script Centre and australianplays.org. After obtaining the script from there contact me through BMEG (see top of page) and I will forward the minor changes for inclusion.

“…a beautifully evocative and poetic elegy. It’s dense and structurally complex, but always clear, amusing and moving…” John Senczuk. 

Karen Jones & Bob Philippe in the Valley Artists production 2013

The play had a successful rehearsed reading at the Bowen Library Maroubra in July 2016 as part of their cultural program. The reading was directed by Bill Conn.

Poster for Bowen Library Playreading

On The Public Record: Commissioned for and performed by the graduating performing arts students at The University of Wollongong and presented as part of a double bill with Under The House by Wendy Richardson. The director was John Senczuk. 4 M / 3 F and doubling/sundry characters played by company. Enquiries can be directed through BMEG or the Contact page.

Never A Moment’s Peace: Local history based one-act play presented as part of the Pyrmont/Ultimo Festival.

Television and Corporate: Blind Freddy and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, episodes of the ABC television series GP.  Corporate writing for Optus Communications, State Rail and others.

Non-Performance Writing: Contributions to Grapeshot, a literary magazine published in Wagga in the late 1970s. Was also co-editor of several issues. Words and Music, a limited edition self-published poetry collection.