Stray Images

Odds and sods: stray images and stories from the far and recent past.

‘Colour Radio’ RCAE Revue 1976 or 77 Wagga Wagga NSW. Noel is front row right.
Another great Robert Catto photograph from The Dapto Chaser publicity series. Robert is the best theatre photographer in Sydney.
Nell Shipley & Noel Hodda in BLACKBIRD. Canberra 2009 (Photo by Imogen Keen)

The above photograph is from a production of Blackbird, David Harrower’s extraordinary play. Nell Shipley gave an outstanding performance as Una and Noel played Ray. It was directed by David Atfield for The Street Theatre Canberra back in 2009. It was played in the round in the very intimate small space at the Street Theatre and was a great success. Another photo from the production can be found on the Acting page. Read a review here. Imogen Keen, the set & costume designer, has a Flickr page with some wonderful photographs from the production here.

Ally Fowler and Noel Hodda on the cover of The Women’s Weekly. Sons And Daughters.
‘The Three Sisters’ NIDA 1979
Scott McGregor and Noel Hodda in ‘The Three Sisters’ NIDA 1979
Beautiful poster for recent public reading of THE SECRET HOUSE
Beautiful poster for a 2015 public reading of THE SECRET HOUSE
Playwright's Conference Canberra 1980's. Ian Watson, Andrew Lewis, Noel Hodda
Playwright’s Conference Canberra 1980’s. Ian Watson, Andrew Lewis, Noel Hodda.
From the John Stone Archives: very early Griffin days. Jack Ritchie, designer; Grant Fraser, playwright/lighting designer; Ben Franklin, actor.
Another shot of the Charrid from Farscape. I loved the process of building and fitting the mask. It was relaxing to sit and have all that done to you.
Noel in full costume and make-up as the Charrid Leader in the sci-fi series Farscape.
The sci-fi series Farscape, before and after.
Still from a 1995 episode of ABC TV’s series GP
The late and loved Vic Rooney (centre) playing Ernie in E Street back in the 80s. This was a shot from the character’s Fancy Dress Stag Party. Noel is in the cream suit.
The Dapto Chaser, Merrigong Theatre, with Drayton Morley
The God Committee at The Ensemble Theatre
The God Committee at The Ensemble Theatre
A cool Nino Tamburri photograph shot in the then Darlinghurst Theatre bathroom (Now The Hayes Theatre).
Poster for Geoffrey Giuffre’s 1976 Rivcol Wagga production of Jim McNeil’s ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’. Noel played the character of Brenda.
NIDA days: C’wise from bottom left: Oriana Panozzo; Mark Little; Jim Holt; Noel Hodda; Bob Philippe; Wendy Strehlow; Garry Scale; Peter Browne
Noel and Les Winspear in the 1977 Riverina Trucking Co production of the southern country musical ‘Diamond Studs’. The theatre company was called The Trucking Co before it was re-named as the more prosaic Riverina Theatre Co.
A close view of the ‘Diamond Studs’ poster
A full view of James ‘Fred’ Lynn’s unique hand screen-printed poster for ‘Diamond Studs’

The Griffin Theatre Co spawned two resident bands back in the Eighties. One was The Brian Roberts Big Band and the other was the aptly titled The Fabulous Front Girls and their backing band The Coathangers. Noel was the bass player in both bands. The BRBB was just that – a (very) loose collective that played jazz standards, blues and country in its own unique way and TFFGATC was a surf band formed to play at a 1985 benefit rally against the closure of live theatres, especially possibly our own! Here’s TFFGATC in action at the benefit:

The Fabulous Front Girls and The Coathangers

Brigida Irving (piano); Angela Toohey (vocals); Barry Langrishe (guitar and band leader); Julie Godfrey (vocals); Elwyn Edwards (guitar) and Noel Hodda on bass.


Griffin campaign badge 1985
Griffin Beach party/Save Oz Theatre Rally Badge 1985
Badge from 1985 campaign

Noel’s first connection with Griffin was in a beautiful play called ‘When Are We Going To Manly?’ in 1984. Jennifer Paynter was the gifted playwright and some more info on the play can be found on her website. This photo was taken during a break in rehearsals with BJ Cole and James Moss:

Noel Hodda , BJ Cole and Jimmy Moss. 1984