Working constantly in theatre, television, film and radio since 1976.

Founding member of The Riverina Theatre Co in 1976. NIDA graduate 1980. Theatre includes plays with The Sydney, Queensland, Griffin, Merrigong, Apocalypse, Marian Street, Q and Railway Street Theatre Companies, The Ensemble Theatre, The State Theatre Co. of S.A., Street Theatre Canberra, White Box Theatre, Sport For Jove, Red Line Prods/NY Rep/Neil Gooding Prods and many others as well as national and international tours. Recent stage appearances include multiple productions of Mary Rachel Brown’s award winning The Dapto Chaser, Blackrock at The Seymour Centre, The Three Sisters for Sport For Jove (nominated for a GLUG Award) and Stalking The Bogeyman at The Old Fitz Theatre. Multiple television and film appearances include Rake, Janet King, The Bet, Out Of The Blue (BBC), Home and Away, All Saints, Farscape, E Street, Neighbours, Sons and Daughters and numerous others.

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For all acting and voice engagements Noel can be contacted through his agent, BMEG (Mary Ann Vale & Raquel Benassy):

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The global pandemic throughout 2020 put paid to the possibility of any work during that time. In 2021 here in Australia theatres are open again but the threat of Covid outbreaks is ever-present and the situation is fluid. 

Recent work:

50 Years of The Stables Theatre play reading series: Feb 9 2020 Peter Kenna’s groundbreaking play from 1973 A Hard God. An exceptional cast was assembled to present this rehearsed reading under the direction of award winning playwright & director Michael Gow. The cast was Simon Burke, Jeanette Cronin, Jack Crumlin, Noel Hodda, Sacha Horler, Travis Jeffery & Steve Rodgers.

Stalking The Bogeyman at The Old Fitz:

Noel Hodda & Deborah Jones in Stalking The Bogeyman at The Old Fitz, Sydney. (Photo by John Marmaras)

Read the Broadway World review of Stalking The Bogeyman here. Read Kevin Jackson’s review here. Some other reviews can be read here, here and here.

The Dapto Chaser: A highlight of the last few years has been Noel’s participation in several iterations of The Dapto Chaser by Mary Rachel Brown. The play was first presented in 2011 at Merrigong Theatre in Wollongong. The cast then was Don Reid, Drayton Morley, Doug Scroope and Noel Hodda and the production was directed by Anne-Louise Rentell.

1st read of the original production of The Dapto Chaser in Wollongong 2011. L-R Drayton Morley, Noel Hodda & the late Don Reid. (Photographer unknown)
Doug Scroope as Arnold & Noel Hodda as Cess in the original Wollongong production of The Dapto Chaser. (Photographer unknown)
Online ad for the Griffin Independent production. (Photo by Robert Catto)

It was presented again with a substantially new cast in 2015 (Noel was the only returning cast member, but in a different role) by Apocalypse Theatre and Griffin Independent at The Stables Theatre Sydney. The cast was Danny Adcock, Richard Sydenham, Jamie Oxenbould and Noel Hodda. That production was a raging success and won a GLUG Award. Some very interesting thoughts from Lisa Thatcher re the play and the production can be read here.

Show poster on historic Stables Theatre (Photo by Noel Hodda)

In 2016 the Dogs raced again, presented by HotHouse Theatre in Albury at The Butter Factory Theatre and then at The Riverina Playhouse in Wagga. John McNeil replaced Danny Adcock who was unavailable to tour. In Sept 2017 that production was re-mounted for another Sydney season, this time at Glen Street and then a short Regional Tour to Armidale, Mudgee, Temora and Cootamundra.

The filmed-for-cinema performance featuring the extraordinary original Griffin Independent production cast is available through Australian Theatre Live. Watch a trailer here.

Promo shot for The Dapto Chaser featuring Jamie Oxenbould, Noel Hodda, Danny Adcock & Richard Sydenham. Photo by Robert Catto.
Promo shot for The Dapto Chaser at The Stables Theatre featuring Jamie Oxenbould, Noel Hodda, Danny Adcock & Richard Sydenham.
(Photo by Robert Catto)
2015. Jamie Oxenbould & Noel Hodda in The Dapto Chaser at The Stables Theatre. (Photo by Robert Catto)

The wonderful photographer Robert Catto has included The Dapto Chaser in a list of his favourites on his own website. Visit the page here.

Josh McElroy, Danny Ball & Noel Hodda in ‘Blackrock’ at The Seymour Centre.
(Photo by Danielle Lyonne)
White Box Theatre’s ‘Blackrock’ at The Seymour Centre. (Photo by Danielle Lyonne)
The Three Sisters. Sport For Jove at The Seymour Centre. Director: Kevin Jackson. (Photographer unknown). Nominated for a Glug Award: Best Supporting Actor.

A review of  The Three Sisters can be found here.

Richard Sydenham, Harriet Dyer, Noel Hodda ‘Time Stands Still’ Darlinghurst Theatre. (Photo by Nino Tamburri)
BLACKBIRD by David Harrower at Street Theatre Canberra. Noel Hodda & Nell Shipley. (photo by Imogen Keen)
‘Out Of The Blue’ series for 10Network/BBC. L-R Daniel Henshall, Nathaniel Buzolic, Noel Hodda & Clayton Watson
With the late and much missed Robert Alexander in ‘The God Committee’ at The Ensemble Theatre
In Campion Decent’s ‘Embers’. STC/HotHouse tour 2009

Sons and Daughters on YouTube

A groundbreaking series that aired from 1982-1987, Sons and Daughters was Noel’s first major television gig and the first Australian continuing drama to make a splash overseas. The entire series is now on YouTube. Noel first appears in ep 74 and leaves the series in ep 319. Follow this link to the series.

Sons and Daughters Melbourne
Shooting Sons and Daughters in Melbourne ’81 or ’82. Marty, cameraman extraordinaire.

Out Of The Blue on 10 Play

The 2008 series Out Of The Blue was a co-production between the BBC and Southern Star Entertainment. In Australia it screened on Network 10. Noel played patriarch Ron O’Donnell. The complete series can now be viewed via 10 Play.

For all acting and voice engagements Noel can be contacted through his agent, BMEG (Mary Ann Vale & Raquel Benassy):

OFFICE EMAIL:            

MARY ANN VALE                0418 608 194

Main Office Telephone:           (+61) (0) 432 941 066